We gather freelancers into a union and arrange a group purchase of high-quality health insurance.
We reduce the price due to group purchases. High-quality AMI: 100+ clinics, "Ingosstrakh", monthly payment instead of annual.
Additional medical insurance for
freelancers and self-employeed
What are the benefits?
  • Quality additional medical insurance package from the top insurance company

    00+ clinics in the package, planned, emergency inpatient care, basic dentistry.

  • Only
    4 390 rub/month
    Instead of paying annually — a monthly subscription fee.
  • Cheaper than buying yourself
    Low price due to the group purchase by the community of self-employed independent experts GIGSY. Two times cheaper than a single purchase.
What is in the package?
100+ clinics in Moscow
  • Own network of clinics "Be Healthy", 7 clinics in Moscow.
  • "MEDSI", most of the network's clinics in Moscow.
  • Networks "Polyclinika.ru", ABS Medicine, "DOCTOR RADOM" and many others.
High insurance coverage
  • Polyclinic - 2,000,000 rubles.
  • Dentistry - 1,000,000 rubles
  • Emergency inpatient care - 3,000,000 rubles.
  • Planned and emergency inpatient care - 5,000,000 rubles.
  • Including emergency medical care 500,000 rubles.
  • Clinics are only in Moscow, your registration address is not important.
  • Age up to 60 years.
  • See the PDF for a detailed list of restrictions.
For a complete list of clinics, options and limitations of the insurance package, please download the PDF.
Quality mobile app and digital service
  • Easy to use services
    Online appointment with specialists, calling a doctor at home, displaying the nearest clinics according to the program, history of calls.
  • Lots of additional features
    Psychological assistance, ordering medicines at home, treatment history, coordination of additional services.
  • Quality Support
    Ingosstrakh medical contact center was awarded the international award CX World Awards 2022 for the project "Always in touch so that you are healthy"
Cost and terms of payment
  • You buy a subscription for 6 months, with a monthly payment. It is a long-term subscription that allows you to reduce the price of insurance.
  • The subscription cannot be canceled during this period.
  • Payment is automatically debited from the card every month.
Subscription for 6 months
Payment per month
4 390₽.
Как это работает
Submit your booking via
our telegram
Within a week, we collect lists for the insurance company. Within a week you will receive a form of payment. Visa / MasterCard / MIR cards of any bank.
You connect to the Ingosstrakh insurance program, and your personal account becomes available
Now you can start using your policy, your health is under reliable protection
Our clients says!
  • Irina Orlova
    Marketing Expert
    I like my lifestyle, I like working for myself, but VHI from work has always been a big advantage and has long been one of the arguments in favor of hiring. Now I have the opportunity to get the same insurance using the GoExpert service, pay monthly as a Netflix subscription, it's cool and convenient and I don't have to choose anymore.
  • Маргарита Белова
    As a psychologist, I know that health anxiety can be chronic, so insurance for me is a solution that takes the edge off the issue. It is always better to prevent than to cure. I feel calm, comfortable and the price is affordable.
  • Elvira Ivanova
    I didn't think about things like insurance before. When you are 20, it seems strange and even unnatural. Now, as a person who stands firmly on his own feet, I understand that insurance is an absolutely necessary thing. Working for yourself, you need to learn to anticipate risks and lay straws where the unexpected can come from. For me, this is about insurance, and about savings, and about other adult things lol.
Book subscription
There are 000 packages available, the offer is valid until 11/11/2022
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